Edward Henry Stanley, the fifteenth Earl of Derby and a British statesman, once quoted, “Those who think they have no time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness.” Indeed, engaging in physical activities offers several benefits, not only for young individuals, but also for the elderly group.

Kujiweza Healing Arts Institute: Older Adult Fitness Instructor specializes in senior fitness instructor training programs in California. We are here to lay down some of the significant advantages of physical activities to elders.

  • FIRST: Muscle and bone loss can be delayed.

    Hitting the sixties, muscle and bone mass start to decline. Though experts relate this event to several causes, a weaker muscular and skeletal system is mostly an inevitable consequence of growing old. Even so, hope is not completely lost. An active physical lifestyle is a known solution to the rapid loss of muscle and bone mass. It strengthens muscles and bones, and improves overall mobility.

  • SECOND: Good posture is promoted.

    Afraid of being like a walking letter “C”? Instead of walking canes, sneakers and healthy foods should be your new best friends. Break some sweat and be constantly ready for some action!

  • THIRD: Risks of heart diseases are reduced.

    How to keep your heart healthy despite being over sixty? Find a set of physical exercises that will suit your body’s needs. You do not need to lift heavy weights or undergo crazy stunts. Consult with an expert to remain guided on your health track.

  • FOURTH: Old jeans can still fit.

    Staying fit and trim is possible, even as a senior citizen. Burn those beer bellies and chicken-like thighs. All you need is the willingness to undergo sacrifices in order to achieve your body goals.

  • FIFTH: Sense of balance is improved.

    Having a weak body is challenging, but what makes things even more difficult is the fact that you are losing control over the same. As falls are one of the top reasons senior citizens all over the world suffer home injuries and fatalities, retaining a strong sense of balance is essential. Through physical exercises, you train not only your body, but your mind too. You become more aware of your senses and your control over which gets stronger.

  • SIXTH: An opportunity to meet new friends.

    Physical exercises are usually done in circles. To make things more interesting, find your health buddies. You will be surprised how each session can become enjoyable and memorable. Inspire other inactive friends that are not yet living the healthy life!

Aging should not be considered a curse. Instead, treat it as an opportunity to grow more graceful and beautiful each day! To make that possible, you have to become fitter and healthier. Allow Kujiweza Healing Arts Institute: Older Adult Fitness Instructor to be part of your journey to wellness and undergo our specialized Tai Chi Instructor Training Program.

Meet new friends in the person of our friendly staff and co-health enthusiasts. For more information, talk to us by calling 408-315-1179.

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