Fitness Classes in California

who we are

Kujiweza Healing Arts Institute (KHAI) offers the highest quality of older adult instructor training programs and evidence-based fitness classes.

Founded in 2003, KHAI has trained many OAFI that have helped thousands of older adults strengthen and heal their bodies using the KHAI technique. Instructors for our Older Adult Instructor Training Programs in California are trained to teach a variety of fitness formats in preparation for teaching in senior community centers, hospitals, senior residences and private homes.

Why Choose Kujiweza Healing Arts Institute?

KHAI – offer a comprehensive, well-rounded hands-on approach to Older Adult fitness instruction. We strive to give our students a quality education at an affordable price. We are dedicated to creating an environment where our students can learn, grow and realize their full potential as older adult exercise instructors.

Hands-on learning programs are different. They allow you to gain the knowledge and experience you need to work in the older adult fitness industry. Upon graduation you are work-ready. The hands-on training protocol makes it easier for you to get the skills you need to work safely and effectively with older adults. Hands-on training makes your study more meaningful, satisfying and worthwhile.

  • The interactive learning style
    KHAI interactive learning style means you learn skills that you can use to help yourself with your own health which makes you better prepared to help your client as you advance into your career as an Older Adult Fitness Instructor. As you study hands-on in the industry, you come to realize the value of your marketable skills in today’s increasingly demanding older adult fitness industry.
  • Direct Senior Instructor Support
    A KHAI Senior Instructor is there to direct you every step of the way. KHAI Senior Instructor is right there with you in class and on-the-job training sites to assist you as you learn how to work in the industry.
  • Our interactive teaching style
    KHAI interactive teaching style teaches the forms; style and method of fitness training that will help you understand the importance of each element to the successful completion of your training. You can directly see the types of health and fitness challenges of older adults and you learn how to safely apply your fitness training techniques to individuals regardless of their health or fitness challenges.
  • Affordable Tuition
    Your one time tuition fee covers everything you need to graduate from your chosen course of study.You can pay your tuition fee as a onetime payment or conveniently pay over time according to our fee payment schedule. ( No interest is charged)
  • KHAI Diploma
    Upon graduation, you will receive a KHAI personalized diploma stamped with the corporate seal. This diploma represents your hard work and dedication to advancing your education and career as an Older Adult Fitness Instructor. The diploma is a testament to your successful completion of this vocational training program.
  • Student Success
    KHAI training programs are specifically designed to enhance our students’ vocational skills as Older Adult Fitness Instructors. KHAI’s primary objective is to help individuals get started as instructors in the older adult fitness industry.