Job Placement Coordinator Job Description

The KHA Job Placement Coordinator (JPC) is responsible for locating and developing training and teaching venues for KHAI trainees and graduating students of KHAI Older Adult Fitness Instructor training programs. JPC will coordinate the placement and partnering of trainees with senior residences and other senior service providers in the community.

  • Function: JPC is responsible for researching, screening, interviewing and placing KHAI trainees and graduates with senior service provider programs. JPC must educate candidates on their assignment, compensation and fill out and submit new hire documentation and make sure that all necessary paperwork is processed with the appropriate parties. JPC will schedule orientation training and arrange meeting with clients, candidates and instructors as required.
  • Skills: JPC must know how to perform Internet researches, work with word processing and excel spreadsheet applications, update and maintain employee databases and build relationships with customers, vendors and staff. Good decision-making, problem-solving and interpersonal communication skills are needed to interview candidates and execute placement tasks. Negotiation and selling skills are required. Knowledge of a foreign language is helpful.