Community Outreach Coordinator Job Description

KHAI Community Outreach Coordinator (COC) must be a person who wants to help improve the lives of older adults in his or her community. The COC must understand the mission of KHA community outreach program is to find and locate venues for where we can teach older adult fall prevention and functional fitness training classes. It is essential that you plan, develop, implement, evaluate and re-evaluate the effectiveness of our outreach efforts to make sure goals are met.
The COC needs to be friendly, outgoing, charismatic and a well-groomed person that reaches out to the older adult residences and community service organizations to help them successfully participate in KHA fall prevention and fitness programs.
As our community outreach coordinator you have the power to influence and change the behavior of the community. You will get involved in community affairs and seek opportunities to provide older adult fall prevention and fitness classes to communities and individuals that are in need of our services. You will interact with community senior service providers to build partnerships and participate in events and activities that are of mutual benefit.