Target Audience: Our Senior Fitness workshops are open to anyone who wants to gain knowledge and experience geared to teaching physical exercise to older adults. Experience working with the older adult population is useful, but not required in any of our courses.

Scientific study reveals that Tai Chi Walking can improve balance and re-create stability in older adults. Trainee will learn how to help people restore their confidence; improve balance and stability and their ability to walk safely. Trainee will learn how to train people to improve strength; coordination and balance and increase awareness of body posture, mental focus and walking techniques that will help prevent falling.

The course covers strategies to cope with the loss of balance due to dizziness, inner ear and neurological problems, low blood pressure and the lack of coordination and confidence. Information and techniques to cope with instability due to illness and medicines will be provided.

No Prior Tai Chi experience is required for this course. Trainees in this Fitness Class are expected to be physically and mentally prepared to work intensively in one weekly two-hour session for six-weeks and home train so as to be prepared to fully engage in lecture, discussion, forms and movements during class. The price of this class is $400.00.