Our Nei Kung Breathing offers instructor techniques to help older adults improve the quality of their lives. Breathing is essential for life. Most of the time older adults do not breathe deep enough to sustain health. Weak breathing habits lead to tightness in the chest and muscle weakness which perpetuates shallow breathing and lowers oxygen levels in the body. In addition, shallow breathing slows metabolism and is implicated in most chronic diseases that prevent older adults from maintaining a quality life. How well they breathe affects their health, strength, stamina, sleep and their mood and attitude.

Often people are ill, weak and depressed because all of their energy has been depleted. Energy can be depleted by physical and emotional stress, chronic disease, infections, injuries and stagnation (which is the lack of movement).

Nei Kung Breathing exercise training is designed to help instructors train older adults, particularly people with limited mobility or health challenges increase their energy, flexibility, strength and to promote stress release.

This Nei Kung Breathing exercise is extremely helpful to help people with Parkinson’s, Memory Loss, stroke, respiratory problems, heart disease, and other chronic disorders. It will help them cope with their disease and improve their health. Nei Kung Breathing Exercises will help: