Meditation is a safe and effective way to improve one’s physical, mental and emotional well-being. Meditation engages the body, mind, breath and thought and focuses attention on the present moment. It creates quiet and peaceful energy that inspires an overall feeling of well-being. As people age, they have mental impairment, chronic pain and disease, poor circulation, compromised immune system, depression, stress and sleeplessness. Research indicates that meditation can reverse many health challenges in as little as six weeks. At Kujiweza, we strongly recommend teaching meditation to help older adults so they can relieve stress and enjoy their retirement years.

Workshop covers:

  • Understanding meditation and why it is important
  • Using meditation to heal the body, mind and spirit
  • Why we get stress – Physical – Mental Autonomic Nervous system –
  • The brain is a muscle
  • What is the Mind? What is the monkey mind? What is mindfulness?
  • Basic meditation vs. Transformative meditation techniques
    • Position
    • Breathing
    • Exercises
    • Concentration
    • Meditation
    • Transforming
    • Connecting

Trainees will learn how teach older adults how to meditate. Trainees will learn meditation techniques and tools to teach older adults to help them learn how to minimize their mental and emotional pressure. This workshop presents information and strategies on how to help older adults get control of their mental and emotional state in order to enjoy a healthy stress free life. The price of this workshop is $200.00.