This is a non-medical workshop that offers a common sense approach to managing back health.

According to statistics, 80% of the American people will suffer back pain during their lives. The good news is that research shows that 95% of back problems can be alleviated through correct systematic self-care. Kujiweza

Healing Arts Institute “No More Back Pain” workshop will teach older adult fitness instructors how to teach the

Kujiweza Healthy Back Exercise program. The Kujiweza Healthy Back Exercise Program has been taught to older adults for over 15 years and many of our older adult clients have reported that they were able to alleviate back pain using our techniques. The program does not diagnose or treat any specific ailment.

Workshop covers:

  • Importance of getting doctors evaluation
  • Why the back hurts, assessing back condition and how to move safely when:
    • Getting in and out of bed
    • Getting in and out of chair
    • Getting in and out of car
    • Working in the kitchen
  • And other Activity of Daily Living
  • Types of back pain and when exercise is not recommended
  • How to conduct a back fitness test
  • Corrective exercises
  • Wake up exercises
  • Maintenance exercises, Yoga – Tai Chi – Pilates
  • Walking is a most useful exercise for healing

Trainees will learn how to teach older adult clients and/or students how to strengthen and improve their back function through movements. The workshop will teach exercises to strengthen and condition the back and demonstrate how to protect the back to help minimize and alleviate symptoms. The price of this workshop is $200.00.

Study guides, CD rhythms and other training aids as required.