Available jobs

Office Assistant

Office Assistant participates in office operations by receiving and distributing communications; maintaining supplies and equipment; and performing other duties as assigned by the office manager
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Job Placement Coordinator

The KHA Job Placement Coordinator (JPC) is responsible for locating and developing training and teaching venues for KHAI trainees and graduating students of KHAI Older Adult Fitness Instructor training programs.
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Older Adult Fitness Instructor

KHAI OLDER ADULT FITNESS INSTRUCTORS (OAFI) help older adults of all ages and abilities to maintain a quality life as they age. OAFI work in Retirement Communities, Senior Community Centers,
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Community Outreach Coordinator

KHAI Community Outreach Coordinator (COC) must be a person who wants to help improve the lives of older adults in his or her community. The COC must understand the mission of KHA community.
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A Career with Kujiweza Healing Arts Institute

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