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What do you think about yoga? Do you think it is good for the health or is it just another workout fad?

Many people have avoided yoga because they fear bone fractures and other possible accidents brought about by different yoga routines. But this is not really what yoga is about.

Today, we will discuss some of the common misconceptions of yoga, especially concerning your bones and your posture. As one of the growing senior fitness instructor training programs in California, Kujiweza Healing Arts: Older Adult Fitness, aims to inform everyone about the true benefits of yoga for senior health.

  • Yoga is not harmful to your bones
    There are a number of people who are apprehensive to take yoga sessions because of their risk of falling and acquiring fractures. At a glance, this is not really the perfect exercise for the seniors knowing that it would involve different complicated positions and stretching exercises.

    However, these misconceptions have no basis at all. Yoga is a good form of exercise as it adheres to weight bearing exercises thus promoting the osteoblasts or the bone building enzymes of your body to repair damaged bones or build new ones.

    Yoga can only become harmful if you do not do the routines correctly. You need to follow the movements properly and your breathing must be correct as well. Performing the wrong movements of the routine will cost you to put too much pressure on the wrong parts of your body. Your hand might carry your whole weight and this could be the cause of your fall or fractures.

  • Yoga fights bone loss
    This is also an important topic to tackle when it comes to yoga. This is a common condition that affects both men and women who are in their late twenties and above. With gentle yoga, it will not damage your cartilage in any way. It will only lengthen the body, strengthen the bones and regulate blood circulation. Of these three are functioning regularly, your bone density increases and it will reduce your risk of having osteoporosis.
  • Meditation is good for you too
    One of the indispensable parts of each yoga session is the meditation. At the start of each yoga class, you are told to meditate for a while to help you set the mood. You can also meditate on your own too.

    Allotting at least an hour of serenity and silence during the day is a good way to distress. All you need to do is to sit comfortably in a quiet place. You can close your eyes and start slow by taking a deep breath one at a time. Being mindful on your breathing pattern and synchronizing it with simple yoga routines will get you relax and help your blood flow freely.

    With a simple meditation routine and a yoga stretch, your brain will be relaxed and your health is greatly improved. You get to feel the changes in your body one breath at a time.

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