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At any point in our lives, we need to consider and think of ways to keep ourselves healthy and to stay at our fullest condition. This should be the same for those who are approaching their 60s, or those who are well beyond their 70s.

Just because a few gray hairs are being added to your crowning glory, this does not mean you can give up on the thought of remaining at your top condition. So how do you stay fit and healthy while keeping up with the various changes your body is currently undergoing?

  • Find your formula
    No two persons are alike. Therefore, what may be a good exercise regimen for you may not be ideal for us. And this can be applied vice versa. In order to avoid choosing the wrong formula, consult the experts first.

    You have to look for people who provide Senior Fitness Instructor Training Programs in California that is tailored to fit your needs. Once you meet up with this instructor, and you are satisfied with his or her program, consult your doctor. Your physician needs to know about the activities you join.

  • Follow your formula
    Rules are useless unless the people in the community keep and follow those rules. The same goes with your formula. It is of no use if you only keep it on a folded piece of paper or in your mind.
  • Look for an activity you love doing
    Your exercise formula is not enough. Sometimes, as you go on with your life, you will find your formula boring and it would become a routine. Once you face these problems, you would lose the meaning of fun while you work out.

    Aside from exercising, you need to keep yourself active as much as possible. You can look for activities that will keep you entertained. Try gardening or playing golf. There are a lot of options you can take. Above all, do not let your age hinder you from doing the activities you love to do.

  • Involve others
    Exercising and being active is better done with friends and family. But if all of your friends and family members cannot make it due to personal reasons, you can always join a class. Being with a new group of people can open you up for opportunities.

    If you prefer working out or doing things alone, you can also go for that! At this age, you definitely have learned that conforming to the society should be the least of your concern. The important thing is that you had a good time and you are happy with what you are doing.

  • Do not pressure yourself
    You may want to do everything in a single shot because, like we said, everybody wants and needs to be fit. But did you know that once you give it all you have got in one go, your body will soon give in to the pressure and stress?

    So chill and start slow. We understand you want to see the results as soon as possible. But think about it: you can still see your results. And the good thing about it is that you will not have any negative experiences or results.

  • Always update your doctor
    We have been discussing this over and over again. But we just feel the need to emphasize the importance of your physician’s role in your endeavors. Keep in touch with your doctor and always tell them the latest updates on what you are feeling before, during, and after your program or routine.

    Staying fit is no problem, even when a person’s hair is turning gray. After all, you have Kujiweza Healing Arts Institute: Older Adult Fitness Instructor at your back. We are willing to help you attain your goal, not just to have a sexy body, but also to keep diseases at bay.

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