Eliminate Risks of Fall at Home

Broken and fractured bones are the last thing you want your elderly loved ones to suffer. Since it is already a common knowledge that our elders are at greater risk of getting severe bone injuries because of their decreased bone density, we should take note of the things we can do to prevent untoward accidents at home.

Kujiweza Healing Arts Institute: Older Adult Fitness Instructor has some tips to lower risks of this nature.

Always remember to clean the clutter.

This is the easiest and simplest way to keep elders away from accidents, but this is often ignored by many. If you do not want your elder parents to suffer from pain while they are under your watch, always keep your house tidy by removing clutters like newspapers and magazines in areas where your elders often pass by. Never forget to keep the staircases and hallways clean from any clutter.

Set up handrails and grab bars.

If you are living in a two-story house with your elderly parents, you should never ignore the fact that they are weaker than they have been before. They would need to hold onto something while climbing up the stairs for support. Moreover, you should also keep in mind that toilets could be hazardous for them so installing safety devices would be crucial.

Fix or get rid of hazards.

Unconsciously, some fixtures at your house may lead to mishaps. Do not wait for an accident to happen before you examine your rooms, toilets, and hallways from tripping hazards like slippery throw rugs, floorboards that stick up or loose carpets. Once you see something which would contribute to an impending danger, fix it or get rid of it for good.

Use proper lighting.

We are not unaware that a majority of senior citizens have bad eyesight. In fact, inappropriate lighting at home is one of the major hazards which homeowners often ignore. A home suitable for elderly would be one with brighter light bulbs at stairways and hallways. Your house would also be considered as a senior citizen-friendly home if your bedrooms and bathrooms have night lights for better guidance at nighttime.

We have always thought that once we are under the roof of our homes, we are already safe from accidents. But it is not quite right because some risks might still loom inside it. Hence, Fall Prevention Instructor Training Programs exists to make our lives even better.

Nevertheless, if you are not confident that the house is free of accidental risks, you can always enroll your elderly loved ones to Senior Fitness Instructor Training Programs in California.

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