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Causes of Falling

Sometimes, we fail to identify the root cause of certain manifestations and regard the events that took place as accidents. Take falls among senior citizens for example. Falls are detrimental, however, our lack of information may cause us to think it simply as an accident. Many believe that falls happen simply because of old age, however, there are actually several factors that contribute to the manifestation of a fall.

Some of the factors being pointed are as follows:

  • Lack of balance – To explain the cause for the lack of balance, there could be several underlying factors as well; however, a prominent cause may point to the lack of exercise or even arthritis and other health conditions.

  • Muscle weakness – Lack of strength is also a contributing factor that leads to a fall. Coincidentally, one reason for muscle weakness is also a lack of exercise, and if you want to improve your muscle strength, you need only to exercise. But of course, exercising especially for older adults could be difficult and could lead to muscle unbearable muscle strains. Before deciding to exercise, of course, it’s best that you check and choose the best option for you. An option open for you is to consult or contact help from a provider of Fall Prevention Instructor Training Programs.

  • Low blood pressure – the causes for low blood pressure is highly related to health conditions and it can be managed with the help of a physician. However, keep in mind that you have a wide array of options to choose from aside from oral medication. What some might don’t know is that you can actually improve your low blood pressure through exercise as well.

Falling is an unpleasant feeling—unless the type of falling you’re experiencing is falling in love, but that’s a different story. There are actually more existing factors that contribute to the manifestation of a fall aside from the ones mentioned above. For questions on other factors that contribute to the manifestation of a fall, you can also do your own research.

Now that some causes of falls have been identified, you can’t just moderate the dangers. In order to avoid the injuries, cuts, bruises, and other appalling results caused by falls, some issues need to be addressed. Helping you regain your strength, confidence, and helping you with preventive fall measures is a goal we want to help you in achieve.

If you were able to identify yourself having experienced the factors mentioned above, take note that there are existent Fall Prevention Instructor Training Programs. If you’re finding yourself having the desire to participate in the said programs, visit Kujiweza Healing Arts Institute: Older Adult Fitness Instructor. We are people composed of individuals who conduct Senior Fitness Instructor Training Programs in California. If you want to know more about our fall prevention training programs, just call us at 408-315-1179 or 408-775-6748.

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