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Ageing could be horrific for some. With all the menacing physical changes that come with it, nobody looks forward to reaching the age of sixty-five, more so, the age of seventy. But it is inevitable; each day, we need to face the reality that we get a day nearer to seniority.

Tai chi is a Chinese ancient form of healing art which was originally created as a fighting art. Eventually, tai chi has become a complementary and alternative medicine and has been highly recommended by geriatricians to their clients.

Are you wondering why doctors of the elderly strongly suggest getting Senior Fitness Instructor Training Programs in California, specifically tai chi to their patients?

  1. Decrease Sensation of Pain

    Life after retirement becomes sedentary. This is one of the reasons why most senior citizens experience muscle atrophy, weakness and joint stiffness from time to time, resulting in severe pain in the joints, muscles, and bones.

    Nonetheless, the gentle but steady motions exercised during tai chi sessions could develop better muscle tone, enhance flexibility, and bolster weak muscles without stressing the body. Through this method, a lot of seniors have reported how this method of alternative medicine relieved pain in their body.

  2. Takes Away Arthritis

    Tai chi is also considered as a low impact exercise because of the simple movements used to exercise the joints and promote flexibility while not requiring too much effort. It concentrates on helping loose joints and improving the range of motion of arthritis patients.

    By ameliorating the range of motion and increasing flexibility, senior citizens with arthritis who practice tai chi break away from its painful symptoms.

  3. Fights Off Depression

    Kujiweza Healing Arts Institute: Older Adult Fitness Instructor recognizes that fact that a large percentage of the elderly population is affected by depression. Some psychiatrists pronounce that stress among the elders is often due to the numerous social, emotional, mental, and physical changes that they have to go through.

    Be that as it may, attending regular sessions of tai chi can help fight depression among the elderly because it encourages them to move about and socialize with other individuals in the group. Their relationship with new friends in the sessions could sprout into valued relationships after some time.

  4. Boosts Energy

    Humans of all ages who perform tai chi have become more charged up to finish their daily tasks, and this is also true to senior citizens. Illness, poor eating habits, depression, and medication are just some of the few factors which lead to seniors feeling lethargic.

    But by attending tai chi sessions with Tai Chi Instructor Training Programs, one could ultimately feel how their breathing improves because of the movements which promote deep breathing.

  5. Enhances Sleep

    Insomnia, even if it can be readily treated by medication, is also a recurring problem for senior citizens. A lot of senior usually experience waking up in the middle of the night unable to go back to sleep or not being able to sleep at night at all. But those who regularly participate in tai chi classes have been reported to get better sleep at night.

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