Are you planning to enroll your senior loved ones in a gym class?

How about letting them join Tai Chi sessions? This might be new to you but Tai Chi is one of the best forms of exercises especially for seniors. With the number of health benefits they can give, it is no wonder why many people are trying to learn Tai Chi today.

As one of the leading senior fitness instructor training programs in California, Kujiweza Healing Arts Institute: Older Adult Fitness Instructor, we highly recommend our tai chi classes for your senior loved ones. We have skilled instructors and our activities and tai chi routines are friendly to senior adults. We focus on building their stamina and keeping their balance and posture.

Moreover, tai chi does not just improve our physical health but it is also good for our mental health too. Here are three more of the benefits of tai chi exercise:

  1. Reduces the risk of depression
    The whole concept of tai chi is not to be used as a combative sport like martial arts. It simply uses some skills used in martial arts and makes it into a recreational form, in a sense, it enables the senior patients to perform several hand and feet movement while keeping their focus and balance.

    The whole essence of the tai chi routine will keep them occupied thus, allowing them no time for negative thoughts. Being physically active, in general, help boost your mood and get you energized to do productive things all throughout the day.

  2. Improves your overall physical health
    Tai chi is often referred to as mild martial arts. As what we have already mentioned in the previous discussion, the actions and routines of Tai chi are acquired from martial arts. The only difference between the two is that there is no actual duel in tai chi. Instead, the flow of the routines is mild and continuous. It requires focus, balance, and body coordination.

    In fact, seniors living with Parkinson’s disease are also recommended to take tai chi classes. The slow movement of the actions gradually helps them to move their muscles and improve their posture.

    Encouraging your senior loved ones to engage in Tai chi will totally improve their stamina and muscle strength. Their bones will less likely to break easily and their posture will look better as well.

  3. Gives your heart a healthy boost

    People who are suffering from heart failure and other heart complications are also greatly benefitted with Tai Chi. Experts claim that this particular exercise allows blood to flow freely in the body thereby reducing inflammation and lowers blood pressure.

    With Tai Chi, it slowly directs your body back to its normal function, relaxing your mind, and giving you the right amount of rest that your body needs.

    Indeed, tai chi provides a safe and rigorous exercise that will perfectly fit your older loved one’s needs. If your senior loved ones love to meditate and work out, tai chi can give you just that. At the end of each session, you will feel healthy and energized. Moreover, you get stronger muscles and better focus.

For more information about tai chi, you can consult our tai chi instructors at Kujiweza Healing Arts Institute: Older Adult Fitness. For more details, call us at 408-775-6748.

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