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There are millions of seniors who experience falls each year. In fact, in the United States, it is the leading reason for injuries and deaths. Seniors who have succumbed to fall accidents ultimately lose their independence. What this means is that due to the accident, the physical well-being of the elderly will never be the same again. There might be severe complications as a result of the fall which could lead to their debilitation, and thus necessitate professional assistance so as to achieve their needed activities of daily living.

Oftentimes, you may look at manipulating the external factors, such as the immediate environment of your loved one, so that you can minimize the incidence of falls. You possibly have manipulated the home to reduce the presence of clutter and the slippery rugs, or you might have installed grab bars in your bathrooms too. But did you know that there’s still a bigger issue you need to address to reduce the fall risk of your senior loved ones? You also have to check the intrinsic factors that could put your loved ones at risk for falls. This means looking at their physical health, particularly their balance, gait, and strength of their lower extremities. These intrinsic factors are the biggest risk to fall accidents. That is why here are some easy to follow exercises from Kujiweza Healing Arts Institute: Older Adult Fitness Instructor which your senior loved ones can do:

  • Side Leg Raises
    This exercise is the simplest one most Senior Fitness Instructor Training Programs in California will advocate for. All you have to do is ask them to stand behind a sturdy chair while their hands are holding the chair. The whole body should be aligned and the feet firmly planted on the floor. After which, you instruct them to lift the opposite leg out towards the side and do the same thing on the other leg. This should be performed 15 times. This will help strengthen the muscles on the side of the hip which can enhance stability.
  • Heel-Toe Raises
    While still standing at the back of the chair with the hands resting on the chair, instruct your loved ones to slowly raise their toes gradually. This should be performed for about 15 times. Doing this exercise will help tone the muscle and strengthen the calf to help stabilize their movements while walking.
  • Knee Curl
    To do this, let your loved ones hold the back of the chair for added balance. Let them stand with the back straightened and the feet apart. Motivate them to lift 1 leg to the back as they bend their knees. Then assist them to slowly stand. Encourage your loved one to do the procedure for 10 to 15 times for each leg. Doing this exercise will strengthen their buttocks and the lower portion of their backs muscles.

Even as simple as letting your parents try to balance one of their foot while standing at home for a few seconds will help in strengthening their sense of balance. This exercise is part of most Fall Prevention Instructor Training Programs. Remember that the exercise shouldn’t be vigorous just so your loved ones can have a good sense of balance. All these simple-to-follow exercises can significantly strengthen their muscles so they will be away from the risk of falls. It is necessary that before doing all these exercises, let your senior parents consult their physician so that their cardiovascular health is ascertained so they can perform the task without being at risk with all the other health complications.

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